About Us

Welcome to my site! However you happened to stumble upon it, I'm so delighted that you're here. As you can see to the left, there are many different sides to who I am. Everyday, I am discovering parts of me that I was unaware even existed. This journey towards self-realization is so exciting! That is why I created this site...to share my journey with you! 

If you already know me personally, then you are aware that more than anything I LOVEEEEE being a mommy to my ever so intelligent, adorably cute, and extremely rambunctious little princess, Bria Leigh. She is my world. You also know that her father, who I often refer to as     "The Dad" also makes my world go 'round. He too gives me a reason to wake up each day.

Want to know more???


  • I am the proud owner of Bare Skin Cosmetics, featured on this site.
  • I love cooking and baking, which eventually led me to create a catering and baking business named Honey B's back in 2015.
  • My family is my world! I'm so grateful to have such a beautiful one.
  • So recently I've been trying to change my family's diet to one that's more healthy (vegan, vegetarian, plant based, etc.). It's been a hilarious experience. You'll see...
  • The rest you'll have to wait to find out.